modern vintage art jewelry

Here you will find art jewelry that is a mix of modern and vintage, elegance and industry. My metal work pendant necklaces, bracelets and earrings are all uniquely designed and fabricated by me.

I’ve been an artist since day one. When I was thirteen years old I decided I was going to make it my career (talk about focused!). And so, I continued on to become a graduate of Paier School of Art, in Connecticut, and then a long career as a graphic designer.
  Eventually, the muses guided me to discover the art of working with metal. To me, metalsmithing paralleled many of my favorite qualities of graphic art—design principles, drawing, printmaking, and balance, to name a few.
  I couldn’t resist my fascination with this medium and thus my jewelry career was born. I’ve been studying and practicing this art form since 2007.
  I am deeply inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, and have the honor of being a juried Roycroft Renaissance artisan in jewelry. I am also a member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths.

Stop back often! I am always making new things, and the selection is ever-changing.

Interested in wholesale? I have an exclusive collection just for wholesale. For more information email me using the contact page (below).

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